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About Lisgar IBT

est. 2013

The International Business Technology (IBT) program at Lisgar provides students with a challenging program in all academic areas. Students enrolled in the program explore the curriculum from a global perspective with an emphasis on 21st century learning skills. Since its inception in the PDSB in 1994, the IBT program has gained a strong reputation for its business and entrepreneurial innovation, and use of technology to support and enhance learning. Lisgar is proud to have been selected in 2013 as one of only three middle schools in the Peel District School Board to offer this prestigious program.


As the program continues to yearly evolve the students in the IBT classes engage in project based learning where they learn to be technology fluent and understand how to access, interpret, and create a wide range of media and information.  The students have access to and are challenged to use technology and media to collaboratively solve rich problems and effectively communicate their findings.  The IBT classes create a collaborative environment that allow students to develop life and career skills such as flexibility, self-direction, and leadership.  The Lisgar IBT students are being prepared to effectively navigate the complex life, school and work environments in the globally competitive information age.

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